Sunday, 12 April 2009

Wi Fi audio streaming concept

This is the final outcome from Andy's project in the first semester.

This concept is a way of sharing your music with people wirelessly and legally by having a system that allows close range audio streaming.

Interactive toolbox

This was a project that was done for Microsoft, this project involved Product Design and Interactive Media Design. 

The brief was to Bridge the Gap between generations using technology, our group chose to create a toolbox that you could leave voice messages on your grandparents toolbox asking for help or tips and they could reply via voice messages.


This is a touch random but i am currently trying to get my old mini back on the road as it is in need of some tlc (and new doors) but i have just been thinking about the whole car industry and how the government has bailed them out and the banks. I don't understand why we should bail companies out because everyday lots of little businesses get put out of business by big companies so why should the big boys get special treatment?

Forgot i Had This Set Up

Ok, i had forgotten that i had set this blog up but i will add some stuff soon.