Wednesday, 5 November 2008

cultural probing and 100 sketches

I have been thinking about the cultural probing and looking back on it despite the sheer cost and the annoyance of people wasting your time and saying they would do it and not bothering their arse i feel it was really useful. I mean although i had a topic that wasn't necessarily a strong interest (or at all) it put me in touch with some really interesting and helpful people. It actually influenced more of my hundred ideas than i thought it did at the time. It wasn't even just getting the probes back it was the seemingly random information i appear to have gathered just from talking to the people whilst handing out the probes and collecting them. Everyone seems to have an opinion on the hundred ideas we had to come up with for our project, so here is mine. It was relatively easy, i dont mean from a finalised idea point of view, just from a totally efficient way of getting some idea's flowing. The only real issue i had with the 100 sketches is that sometimes i felt a sketch was totally irrelevant because what was written was easier to understand than tryin to create a visualisation of it.

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