Tuesday, 4 November 2008

ta-da :)

Finally got round to creating my blog (only been meaning to create it for the past month). Think I'm just going to use this as a totally random thought's outlet hence the very catchy title. Why is it whenever you (in other words I) go to do anything remotely tech based it goes tits up?? This evening ones self tried to use a laptop to watch a film on my tv, sounds simple enough? VGA cable connected at each end and lone-be-hold it should pop up on screen?? That would be too bloody simple though. My seemingly random point is even using the windows help bit i still couldn't get the thing to work, why can windows display all your info about your computer to you but not have an idiot proof function that will find what driver is needed. Surely just because your hookin' up a laptop to a tv doesn't necessarily mean you have a tech mind. I am only ranting about this as i lost three hours of my life that i will never get back on this mindless task. Oh i also hate .avi files. grr

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